If you’re ready to go spend your nest egg for getting yourself a brand new car and you want to acquire something capable of offering you a pleasant daily drive, but also join you on your off-road adventures, the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class is a perfect choice to make, being a premium compact SUV that delivers a wonderful experience no matter where you drive it.

[adsense300gray]First of all, it’s a Mercedes and this may be sufficient in one’s book, but you don’t necessarily have to pay attention to its heavy name. Just go on, have a look at this engineering masterpiece : the elegant appearance, her fluid design, the impeccable lines… in my book, this car appears under the “Nec plus Ultra” chapter.

This baby is a beauty and also a beast, two for the price of one, as it can handle some pretty nasty country roads without holding a grudge on you for abusing its tranny.Speaking about the tranny, the GLA is the first Benz to feature the all new 4MATIC permanent all wheel drive with variable torque distribution (optional).

The new Mercedes Benz  GLA is expected in two flavors, a FWD and an AWD  version, both  featuring a 208 bhp engine, with enough punch for keeping you frosty in all situations. The GLA comes with a few cool options if you’re the extra-careful type : Collision Prevention/Attention/Blind Spot/Lane Keeping ASSIST technologies for making driving a little bit safer than usual.The interior of the car has been carefully designed for making you and your passengers feel as cozy as it gets, but that’s hardly anything new when it comes to Mercedes cars.