Behold, as before us lays a story that seems to be out of a movie. Two brothers meeting on a beach and developing a car that was about to become a worldwide symbol of strength, toughness and class: the Land Rover.

In order to celebrate a new chapter in the Land Rover Defender story which started 68 years ago in 1947, three limited edition models of the make will be released. According to Nick and Stephen Wilks, nephew and respectively son of Land Rover founder Maurice Wilks, each limited edition model will tell a part of the story.

The main event of the celebration is the film of the temporary mark left by six Land Rovers towing chain harrows. In three hours they managed to draw a sketch of the Land Rover measuring no less than 1 kilometer, in the sand of Red Wharf Bay, UK.

[adsense300gray]The first limited edition model to be released in 2015 is the Defender Heritage. It was designed to keep as many as the original details as possible while inserting elements of comfort. Although at the time of first build army green was the only available paint, there is some diversity in 2015 Heritage. On the same note of preserving details and vintage air, the second Land Rover limited model is Adventure. The philosophy behind this one is clear: go anywhere, do anything. It comes with reinforced chassis, under body protection and increased traction.

On the other hand, the third limited edition model, the Autobiography, goes for those collectors who cringe for elegance and comfortable, luxury rides. Only 80 of them will be built and only the 90 Station Wagon body style is available.

Are you impressed? Then act fast because although prices vary from £27,800 to £62,000, these cars are prone to be sold lighting fast.