Do you know what’s great for dashing through the snow? A tank! Yes, that’s right; you can’t get stuck with a tank either in snow or mud, thanks to its tracks. Well, we’re not sure you can buy a tank too soon, but the Dominator Track system could really improve your outdoor adventures in the snowy season.

Based on Chassell Area, Upper Michigan, American Track Truck is a project started by a few friends that now escalated to a world level business. It offers rubber track systems that are compatible with almost every road vehicle, turning your car into an off-road tracker that is able to go through mud, swamps, snow and harsh terrain without getting stuck.

[adsense300gray]Tracks come in two different sizes: standard Dominator with 121″ long tracks and 720 square inches of contact area, and the XL Dominator, with 136″ long tracks offering a contact surface of 855 square inches per track unit. According to American Track Truck, Dominator tracks can be installed on most vehicles in under an hour without any changes required to be done to the car. Tracks can be taken off in mostly the same period of time.

Even smaller engines are able to run using the Dominator Track system, as the design of the system is built in such way that most of the power is transferred directly to the ground. The track system is mainly maintenance-free, as there are no consumable components needing to be changed.

While the main shout goes to adventure junkies that wish to climb and get dirty, anyone can mount this track system on their car in order to not get into trouble on mountain trips or muddy country roads.