[adsense300gray]Travelling and exploring the great outdoors are taken to a new level thanks to Marchi Mobile, an Austrian manufacturer of deluxe vehicles which brings the greatness to the indoors with its new extravagant RV, the eleMMent Palazzo.

Its suggestive name probably makes you imagine some sort of palace or luxurious place, well, you’re very close to the truth. The eleMMent Palazzo is a land yacht, made for making its owner/s feel like they’re in a luxurious hotel, when they’re actually in a palace-like place that has wheels.

The eleMMent Palazzo welcomes you with an interior lounge that features a 40-inch TV, a couch, bar, fireplace, an integrated kitchen which offers a sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, coffee machine, a cook top and more. If you think this is perfect for relaxation, there’s even more to it. The Palazzo also has a master bedroom and, of course, a bathroom. The rooftop can be opened up to the sky with the push of a button, turning itself into a terrace that’s equipped with a cocktail bar, has marble lighting and features underfloor heating. From the outside, the “land yacht” looks kind of weird, if you ask me, but the inside deserves a lot of admiration for the good taste invested in its elegant design and furniture.
If you’re a millionaire, spending only $3 million on this baby is really not a big deal, even if you can buy an actual mansion with those greenies. All for the sake of travelling comfy, huh ?