How can anything go wrong when you put together a Ferrari, a tank and a snowmobile? It is fairly clear that having such a beast as this Snow Crawler is the best reason out there to love snow.

Yes, there are already lots of snowmobiles on the market; both big and small, powerful and less powerful, but most of them do not quite fit in the head of a comfort junkie. Well, guess what? The Snow Crawler designed by Sailor Minds features a sealed cabin where you can keep yourself warm while dashing through the snow. A sleight seems so boring right now.

[adsense300gray]Since it is still a concept, there are a few downsides to this monster. First of all, there is no certain release date, but we really hope it will see the light of day, and of course, the snow. Also, the Snow Crawler features a single-seated cabin, so there won’t be any room for friends to bring along. Do you actually need friends when you have something like this? They better get one of their own.

According to different sources, Snow Crawler will probably feature an electric engine which, given the lightweight structure of the vehicle, will have no problem pushing it forward to difficult slopes. Also, the track system that comes in contact with the snow should provide maximum grip and avoid any uncontrolled sliding or skidding.

Finally, if you needed a reason to leave the warmth of your home and get out in the snow, here you have it; a modern snow crawler that keeps you warm and gives adrenaline rushes all the way.