[adsense300gray]Volvo just released its state of the art Concept Coupe, one of the three models which represent a fashion statement about their future car design. This is a bold approach from the former Swedish car manufacturer, now owned by Geely, an Indian company. In the past, Volvo cars were very sober in terms of appearance, over engineered to last you a lifetime and they were the safest vehicles on the road. This concept car doesn’t look like your classic Volvo, not even close.

Even so, the ┬áConcept Coupe is said to be a tribute to the legendary ┬áP1800, Roger Moore’s car in the British TV series „The Saint” from the sixties.

The design of the car represents an interesting melange between a very vague retro look and space age stuff, just like the new Mercedes SLS (the legendary Gullwing’s heir). To be honest, this Volvo concept looks like an Audi, especially from the front, but maybe it’s just me. The T shaped lights on the front of the car were the trademark of Alfa Romeo, they started the trend with their beautiful 159 model, now this design was borrowed by almost all manufacturers and that’s very confusing for an old school car aficionado, like yours truly.

The car’s interior is inspired by the Tesla S design, with that gigantic vertical touchscreen and has a custom made crystal gearshift. It surely looks awesome, but I doubt you will find it in the production model.