Kahn Design is a British-based engineering company that specializes in producing bespoke vehicles. They recently presented a totally custom Land Rover Defender 2.2 TDCI SW 90 Chelsea Wide Track.
shave impressed us on numerous occasions with their customization work on the classic 4×4.
Last year the design team presented their Harris Tweed Edition, and this time around they present their Land Rover Defender Chelsea Wide Track. Although we were huge fans of the blacked out look on the previous model, we are loving the blue, black and white exterior color combination on this bad boy as well. As with all Kahn customs, you get all of the modern day luxuries you’re used to on your current vehicle like leather heated seats, air conditioning, upgraded audio system, and a whole lot more. Head on over to the Kahn website for more details on this Defender, and hit the jump for more photos.