[adsense300gray]With the 1945 Willys Jeep Rat Rod, you’re in for a real treat. The Jeep brand is almost an icon when it comes to off road cars. Their Willys Jeep from World War 2 was the work horse of the US Army, it was that kind of simple, reliable and robust machine which never breaks and it’s very easy to manufacture in huge numbers.

Now, the Rat Rods are some of the best looking vehicles today, obviously if you’re into Rat Look. Ask yourself, what happens if you take a WW2 Willys Jeep and you add some „Rat Look” to it?

The result is phenomenal, as Randy Ellis Design and their team of mechanics just proved it possible. The 1945 Willys Jeep Rat Rod is basically a replica, looking almost identical to the original WW2 Willys Jeep,  but instead of metal, the chassis is made of fiber glass and features a pneumatic suspension, which allows 7 inches of travel, thus making you to the low-rider, king of the road. Among other goodies, the 1945 Willys Jeep Rat Rod comes with a full radio, a folding wind shield that makes air-conditioning obsolete and vintage Stewart Warner gauges on dash. The final result looks like a Jeep Dragster and it’s powered by a 1977 Chevrolet 350 V8 engine, coupled with a 3-speed automatic gear box.

1945 Willys Jeep Rat Rod 1

1945 Willys Jeep Rat Rod 2

1945 Willys Jeep Rat Rod 3

1945 Willys Jeep Rat Rod 4

1945 Willys Jeep Rat Rod 5

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