[adsense300gray]Nobody can be told what der Ziesel is, you have to see it for yourself. Or, read the article, captain Obvious! Well, long story short, der Ziesel is a weird looking offroad machine, combining efficiency and fun in the German (well, maybe Austrian, same thing) engineering way. It looks like a piece of gear from a Science Fiction movie, to be honest, but looks can be deceiving, as my Grand Father used to say when he first saw a Camel at the Zoo.

Even elves love der Ziesel, because it’s electrically powered by two small engines, so it’s as environmentaly friendly as it gets! You can cruise with der Ziesel, this weasel of an offroad vehicle, even on property owned by those freaks from Green Peace, nobody can touch you!

Thanks to its Germanic roots, the weasel is actually a high performance vehicle, despite its silly looks.It can take you over any type of surface imaginable : sand, stone, mud, snow, Hell, I think it can even run on Mars or something.

The electrical motors are powered by a Li-Ion battery and they  offer almost 30 bhp, a cool 400 Nm of torque delivered to the rubber tracks of the gizmo and the suspension and the joystick controller of the vehicle are the guarantees for the ultimate fun!

der Ziesel 1

der Ziesel 2

der Ziesel 3

der Ziesel 4