[adsense300gray]When I was a little boy, some time ago, a long time ago, Jaguar meant something. Basically, the Jaguar brand was the ultimate sports and luxury vehicle, if you don’t count Bentley and Aston Martin into play. But since then, Jaguar had a very troubled history and the company was sold to all types of dubious people, like American dudes (Ford, if I recall correctly owned Jaguar at some point) and now an Indian company, under the improbable name of Tata Motors owns the British brand. I mean, how can you sell Jaguar to some former third world colony? Well, it beats me folks. But disregard my rant and take a look at the pinnacle of Indian automotive industry, the latest ¬†Jaguar F-Type R coupe.

Promising soaring performance, the latest car from Tata Motor’s portfolio comes with a 5.0 liter supercharged V8 engine, capable of delivering 550 bhp. The F-Type R coupe will accelerate from a stand still to 60 in just 4 seconds. Not bad at all for a car running on Curry powder, innit? Just take a look at the pictures and tell me how many rupees are you willing to pay for this baby, will ya?