FXX-K is Ferrari’s newest research and developing programme focused on an experimental car based on Maranello’s first hybrid. The K stands for KERS kinetic energy recovery system used to maximize the performance on the rally roads. But this car is designed to break boundries, so it will never be used in competitions. It is a mixture of technological innovations that will guarentee an unique and unforgetable driving experience, though for pros only. Ferrari will start a special test programme over the next couple of years specially dedicated to an exclusive group of Client-Test-drivers.

[adsense300gray]All in one word, this is the absolute James Bond car, the wannabe item of the year for the most enthusiast collectors. Unfortunatly, no one can park this in his garage.

Let’s begin with the aerodynamics. For reaching the highest level of efficiency, it was required an intense creative process concerning the shape of the car. Active and passive aerodynamics, quality downforce generation and balancing concepts, all are thoroughly studied and applied with extreme efficiency.

Furthermore, the vehicle dynamics were improved by introducing the Pirelli slicks complete with sensors that keep the track of longitudinal, lateral and radial acceleration, as well as temperature and pressure. This provides a flawless analysis of the interaction between the tyre and track surface and increases the chances to a safe ride.

This engineering wonder was unveiled during the Finali Mondiali, at the Yas Marina circuit that takes place in Abu Dhabi. Video below.