Summer is almost here. Well, at least if you live where I live. For some chosen ones, summer is perpetual. Okay, so if it’s summer, that spells sunny beaches and hot chicks. How do you pick up chicks without working too much for it? There are a few strategies, but the best one is to have a hot ride, a convertible that looks like heaven on earth (on wheels). Now, if you like driving, well, maybe you’re a BMW head, because BMW still manufactures driver’s cars, especially if they come with the M tag on them. Even if it’s said that BMW drivers have no friends, I can trade like 75% of my friends for the 2015 BMW M4 Convertible. I won’t bore you with irrelevant data for the monks and elves out there, like CO2 emissions and mpg. And if you care about mpg, well, go get yourself a Prius or something like that, save the planet and hug a tree, forget about M power.

Now, the BMW M4 is a high performance sports vehicle, weighing 4,00o pounds (I know, convertibles suck at weight), powered by a twin turbo flat six cylinder engine, delivering a whopping 425 bhp. The rest is up to you and your wallet.



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