Oh lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz Zetros? Really now, I could use that! Zetros is a very unusual kind of Mercedes, a 6×6 monster that looks more like a tank or a SWAT vehicle. But in reality, what we’re dealing with here is a luxury vehicle that can be used for lots of purposes : from hunting to taking trips to the North Pole or something. This versatile monster can be used on any terrain imaginable, thanks to its all wheel drive and a monstrous 7.2 liter engine. The engine itself is rather odd. I would’ve expected a V8, just like in the AMGs, but the Zetros comes with a flat six, capable of delivering a rather modest 326 bhp. The secret lies in its awesome torque : 1300 Nm, from 1200 to 1600 RPM. As you might have guessed, Zetros runs on diesel power. The interior is equally impressive, featuring a fully equipped kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom worthy of a sheikh, with marble floors and plasma TV (not in the bathroom, obviously). If you can afford it, Zetros is the ultimate companion if you travel a lot. I think Mercedes offers an armored version too!

zetros 2

zetros 3

zetros 4

zetros 5


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