If you need an almost street legal beauty of a super-car, look no further than Lucra Cars. These are those type of machines beautifully engineered for maximum fun, built with a fantastic weight distribution and featuring a high-tech chassis, light yet strong enough to endure any type of punishment.

The cherry on top in these babies is the engine, actually you can choose between a few brands of V8 power-plants, produced by the heavy names in the industry, like Mercedes-AMG or General Motors-Corvette.

Lucra cars have a carbon-made chassis and a super-car setup, being two-door roadsters with a front-mid  engine.

[adsense300gray]The front suspension is SLA double-wishbone and the back wheels feature a multi-link cast aluminum- independent suspension with fully adjustable race shocks. As you can see, these cars are built for high performance.

The engines available are the AMG 6.3 V8 (you can slam a Welstec supercharger on that engine, as an option) and two GM engines : the LS3 6.3 or the LS7 7.0, the legendary V8’s used in  Corvettes.

Transmission is available in two flavors : the 7 Speed Mercedes paddle shift or the Tremec TKO manual transmission, 5 speed in H pattern.

If you’re gonna buy one of these beauties, please, take me for a ride.

lucra cars