Class demands respect

Ferrari, the brand known all around the globe for its high-class, powerful yet so stylish models. These cars represent the dream to many, as they are built on limited editions, something that makes them so hard to get, which results them being so special and desired. It is this sports model you need if you want to turn heads around on the street. This time, we are here to present to you the F12 TDF model, a special name in their so rich and plentiful history.

F12 TDF – a gate through history

It all began in 1899, when Tour de France brought their game to the next level, having accepted to host a car racing edition. It was an endurance road race held across the country, and it lasted for around 100 years, the last edition being held in 1986. F12 TDF model is a remembrance of the past, made in a very inspirational way, a testimonial of the things that were, but which shall never be forgotten. Limited to only 799 pieces, the model is considered to be what the legacy of the Scuderia that dominated TDF race with the 250 GT model of the prancing horse, through the 1950s and 1960s, represents for the present days.


No compromise whatsoever

This roaring piece is a combination of imagination, respect and might, powered by a 769 hp engine, a V12 mated to a special version of the F1 DCT transmission all ready to impress with a 0 to 60 time of just, yes, you read it good, 2.9 seconds. Top speed stands at a grand total of 210 mph. Both the interior and the aerobridge have been modeled and shaped using bare carbon fiber, and some other components have also been redesigned to cut loose around 125 kilograms from the car’s total body weight, making it more slim, but never lighter.