You can’t really blame pick-up owners. For the expense of a high mileage, you are getting a tow truck, a workhorse and a decent city road vehicle. The one element that separates trucks from other utility vehicles is the gate. HoodWorks took the best materials and technology from renowned constructors then added a style touch to create GearGate.


HoodWorks GearGate is able to secureĀ up to three bikes, keeping them connected to the bed of your pickup truck. It uses 18 feet of Pewag Extreme Conditions Square Link Lock chain and a universal bike shaft. Inner and outer LED lights provide a great amount of visibility in pitch black scenarios.

Apart from the bike locking mechanism, GearGate by HoodWorks also includes a Heavy Duty toolbox that gets locked into place along with the bike. For fun moments, a bottle cap opener has been included into the gate. Cheers!




HoodWorks currently undergoes negotiations with major pick-up truck brands in order to provide a wider range of GearGate fittings. The project is currently being crowdsourced on Crowd Supply.