Don’t Forget the Small Things for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day fast approaching it’s time for all the boyfriends and husbands out there to start thinking about present ideas for their partners. If you don’t have a clue what to get, don’t worry because here are some ideas and guidelines to help you along the way. Just remember if the gift is from the heart, you can’t go wrong. … continue reading

How One Man Made a Million in Just a Few Minutes

Pete Dolloway was an electrician from Sheldon, Birmingham. We say “was” because on the 25th of October, something happened that changed his life forever. For Pete, 36 years old and married with kids, it was just another Sunday. He was sat enjoying the London-based NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars, contemplating his 4:30 am start on Monday … continue reading

7 Things Not To Say On The First Date

The nervousness, the jitters, the feeling of unease, they all can make room in your mind when you make time in the evening available for a lady. It is somewhat normal and, although no exageration is accepted. A man is confindent, prepared and always ready to impress. But in order for that to happen, you need to make a good … continue reading

Meeting Her Parents For The First Time? 7 Things Not To Say

Don’t be shy, her mother will love you. You’re a natural, and why not, her father will finally be at peace about what her precious little princess decided upon her future. You’re a great guy, and remember she put faith in you, just enough to let you meet her family, even if you are the bad guy, whom she usually … continue reading

Suicide Squad Trailer Featuring Jared Leto’s Nightmare Inducing Joker

This year, Comic-Con offered its participants the opportunity to see the first two trailers of some extremely interesting characters in the DC universe. The first one was for the future of Batman v Superman, and the second was for Suicide Squad. The latter will occur during 2016, but the first images give us reason to be optimistic about it.

Why Dreaming Big is About More Than Just the Money

How cool would it be to win a few million? First off, you’d say it was cool – very cool. All of a sudden, being catapulted into the ranks of the super-rich and successful sounds like it has a lot going for it. Being able to take that step-up in lifestyle looks like it simply doesn’t have a downside. But … continue reading

Entourage Movie – The Official Trailer


Here’s the second official trailer for the Entourage movie, the sequel for the TV series with the same name that ended back in 2011. The action revolves around the same charismatic characters Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold), Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase), Kevin Connolly (Eric Murphy), Kevin Dillon (Johnny Chase), Jerry Ferrara (Turtle).

The Diversity of Online Daters

We have all heard of online dating, and those who have tried it have found it to be a viable option to finding kindred spirits looking for love and companionship. In fact, the online dating scene has grown into a scene which is now diverse enough to accommodate a variety of different online daters. This makes it important for people … continue reading

An Insightful Video On Why Movie ‘Drive’ Looked So Impressively Cool


With the Oscars right around the corner, it’s time to try to better understand a film. Try to see past its action and its actors performance, which you can probably distinguish already, or at least you think you do.  Ever wondered why you liked the movie Drive so much? Watch this short clip and you’ll get a spectacular glimpse of a world you probably haven’t seen before, the awesome world of cinematography and framing.

Top 5 Unfortunate People

If you go to a restaurant in Chinatown (in any city around the world) the chances are that at the end of the meal, you will unwrap a fortune cookie, read the message inside, and laugh amongst yourselves at the fortunes inside (even though fortune cookies have nothing to do with China, having been invented in California). You may even … continue reading

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