When you first see someone, you feel your breath catch. Your heart begins to beat quickly.  You are drawn to them right away. You just can’t quite put your finger on what it is about them. Yes, you can, hold on. This new crush resembles your previous one exactly. Perhaps you have a type and that is perfectly normal.

You’ve probably heard the phrase „having a type” in relation to dating, but what does it really mean?  When we refer to a person’s „type” in dating, we usually refer to a certain combination of qualities, frequently both physical and emotional, that make that individual appealing to a prospective spouse.

However, it might be virtually anything, including redheads, males who resemble your favorite movie star, snarky oddballs, daredevils, tall individuals, musicians, and more.

It can be difficult to determine just how widespread having a type is since the idea of a type is a little nebulous and impossible to know with absolute precision. Anecdotally, Caraballo claims he thinks it’s rather typical.

Although the idea of a typical kind indicates that it’s the one type of person you’re most attracted to, it doesn’t mean you can’t discover yourself finding yourself drawn to a few various types of individuals.

Having preferences is totally healthy and easy to start in order to understand your tastes better. Having preferences will help you find your person. When using a dating app, this can include, for example, altering your settings so that you see the profiles of people you previously decided not to consider.

You have a far higher chance of experiencing some stretching in who you find attractive if you interact with a larger variety of individuals and try to understand their humanity.  This is especially true if you meet new people from diverse ethnic, cultural, and racial backgrounds.