Nicki Minaj is suing for $75,000 for defamation after being referred to as a “cokehead” and having cocaine “shoved” up her nose, according to a blogger.

In a new complaint obtained by other sources, Minaj claims gossip blogger Marley Green, also known as Nosey Heaux, “falsely and maliciously” referred to her as a drug user in a Twitter video posted on Monday. This “outrageously defamed” Minaj and caused a “firestorm of social media attention,” according to Minaj.

“[Minaj is] shoving all this cocaine, shoving in all this cocaine up her nose. Allegedly. Thank you. Allegedly. But we all know it’s true. Fuck – listen, I can’t even say allegedly with that ‘cause I – we know it’s true. I’m not saying allegedly on that. Nicki Minaj is a cokehead,” Green states in a video clip that is included in the complaint.

According to the complaint, which was submitted on Wednesday in New York’s federal court, Green allegedly made “vile statements” about Minaj’s infant son. Even though such remarks weren’t actionable, Minaj claims they demonstrate Green’s “fundamental lack of decency” and should be taken into account as the rapper asks for punitive damages.

“Green’s video statement was false because the plaintiff has never used cocaine,” claims Minaj’s lawsuit. “In a different age, Green’s lie would have been meaningless because she is the ultimate ‘nobody’…a person whose main accomplishments in life have been a string of criminal charges, bail jumping, and bad debts. But this is the age of social media, one in which a ‘nobody’ can find an undeserved following through relentless self-promotion,” The document makes claims.

In a series of messages on social media, Green addressed the legal action. She promised to countersue in one post that was published on Wednesday.

In a statement to other sources, Jennifer Hough’s attorney, Bob Samini, claimed that his client had been “targeted” by Minaj because she had spoken with Jennifer Hough, the woman who claims that Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, sexually assaulted her at knifepoint in 1994 after accosting her at a New York City bus stop. In April 1995, Petty was finally found guilty of first-degree attempted rape and given a jail term of 18 to 54 months.


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