Over the weekend, Nicki Minaj responded to rumors that she owed a staggering $173 million in unpaid taxes by using Instagram Live.

The colorful artist seemed upset during the Livestream before attributing the sensational headlines to a catfish who went by the moniker “Kate Miller” and pretended to be her assistant. The pink-haired Nicki Minaj addressed the camera directly and stated, “My assistant, y’all, they went and informed everybody that… it is true how I owe a $173 million to the IRS,” before laughing.

Her voice quavered with phony anguish. “And I made contact with Tae, (her previous hairdresser). Because my husband is so, hmm, and Tae doesn’t like to be around him, Tae feels quite uneasy about him. Tae pleaded with the assistant to stop as she was on the phone with her.

“Y’all. She ended, summarizing her feelings toward the people who accepted the untrue reports, “Every day I discover that y’all gettin’ dumber and f—in’ dumber.”

The posts that “Kate Miller” shared included allegations that Minaj had accrued her nine-figure “debt” over the course of just the previous six years, that her husband, Kenneth Petty, was abusive, and that she had preemptively paid $75,000 (£62,000) to have her upcoming single, “Freaky Girl,” chart higher than it would have based on real streams.

On Tuesday, additional sources claim that the internet con artist uploaded a lot of, at best, dubious “tea” about Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and Rihanna.

Minaj has been compelled to confront unfounded rumors about her personal life twice in the last month. When news of her second pregnancy with Petty surfaced in July, she joked, “I’m not pregnant, I’m fat… But thanks, guys, for all the congratulatory messages!”

She recently hinted that the single “Freaky Girl” will be released on August 12. Just one day after the debut of her most current Queen Radio episode on Amazon’s Amp app.


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