Cuban cigars have long been difficult to find in the United States. Many young cigar enthusiasts are perplexed as to why Cuban cigars are illegal in the United States, despite their legendary reputation and high demand. To grasp the logic behind this policy, we must go back to the late 1950s, just before the United States and the Soviet Union launched a disastrous nuclear war known as the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Illegal Cuban CigarsWhat was the justification for the prohibition of Cuban cigars in the United States?

President John F. Kennedy imposed a strict trade embargo on Cuba in 1962 in response to Fidel Castro’s communist regime, which lasted nearly 50 years. The Cuban economy had suffered greatly as a result of the USĀ adamant refusal to accept Cuba as a trading partner. In the months leading up to the embargo, many Cuban cigar manufacturers and importers increased their inventories in the United States.

Furthermore, the trade embargo with Cuba would outlast the supply of legally imported Cuban cigars into the US. Cuban cigars are extremely rare and highly sought after today, and they can only be obtained through secret sources and the black market.

Following the Cuba embargo, the premium cigar industry in Cuba saw a significant exodus of its top tobacco growers and blenders, who relocated to Miami and other Central American countries to continue producing cigars for the US market.

One by One: Cuban Cigars

More than a half-century after President John F. Kennedy imposed trade sanctions on Cuba, laws governing Cuban cigars were partially relaxed in 2014. This allowed Americans to buy $100 and up Cuban cigars with nothing else to take home.

Following further relaxation of Cuban cigar bans, the United States allowed American tourists to bring home an unlimited supply of Cuban cigars in their carry-on luggage. This was only for personal consumption rather than retail consumption. While the future of Cuban cigars is unknown, the door is now more open than ever.

What if you were caught with a Cuban cigar?

Despite the fact that Cuban cigars are illegal in the United States, some people manage to smuggle them in. Keep in mind that this is a serious crime with serious consequences.

Travelers caught with Cuban cigars in their possession, whether for resale or personal consumption, may face US sanctions. The gravity of the case determines the severity of the penalty. It can range from product confiscation to approval or committing a criminal act.

Can I Buy Cuban Cigar in the US?

A quick internet search will yield several websites claiming to sell genuine Cuban cigars. Don’t fall into the trap, no matter how appealing it appears. Even after tourists were allowed to bring Cuban cigars into the country, the sale and commercial importation of cigars remained prohibited. Buying Cuban cigars over the internet was never allowed.

With the tightening of regulations on Cuban products, buying these cigars online has become a riskier proposition. Because Cuban cigars are illegal, you may be putting yourself in danger of serious consequences.

Keep in mind that the most recent regulatory change occurred only a few months ago. Not all online stores and importers have kept their website information up to date. If you place your order, you run the risk of paying for a product that will never arrive.

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