Today we will give you 5 simple tips on how to fake sleep. But first, why would you pretend you are asleep?

Whether you are trying to avoid interacting with your housemate or family member, pull a prank, or spy on a conversation, these are 5 simple tips on how to fake sleep.

General rule? Make it look as natural as possible.

Pretend to sleep5 Simple Tips on How to Fake Sleep

Follow these 5 simple tips to know how to fake sleep:

Adopt a natural, sleeping position

Adopt the position you would normally take when trying to fall asleep. Keep the most natural, comfortable position you can think of, so people don’t find it suspicious. Do you normally sleep on your stomach? Do so when faking sleep.

Stay motionless

Most people don’t really move throughout the night when they are sleeping naturally. Therefore, try to stay as still as possible when faking sleep.

Deep asleepClose your eyes gently

Third “rule” on how to fake sleep: keep your face muscles, including your eyelids, as relaxed as possible. Avoid pinching your eyelids together tightly. 

Breath rhythmically

When we naturally sleep, we take slow, even, and deep breaths. Therefore, try to relax and pay attention to your breathing and keep it as even as possible. 

Be reactive

Even during sleep, our brain is still subconsciously aware of what is happening around us. This is why our body still reacts to any outside stimuli, in a subtle way. Make your fake sleeping seem more convincing by incorporating what appears to be unconscious reactions to sounds and movements in the room.

In case someone touches you, or you hear a loud noise, slightly twitch your body, and take a sudden, but short breath. After this sudden reaction, let your body relax and your breathing return to a deep, even state.

How men fake sleep

How to fake a good night sleep

Now that we have seen how to fake sleep, we thought you may want to know how to fake a good night sleep as well.

1. Open the shades as soon as you get up. 

Early-morning sunlight is best for helping you start the day feeling rejuvenated.

2. Start your day with healthy protein and whole-grain carbs.

You might be tempted to jump into sugary foods, however these will only make your blood sugar spike and crush, setting off a roller coaster of energy.

3. Focus on one muscle group in your body for at least 15 seconds.

Most probably you will not be able to take an afternoon nap. Focusing on one muscle group for 15 seconds, concentrating on how it feels and nothing else, is an active rest called “paradoxical relaxation”.

4.Take a walk. 

Movements boosts core temperature and stimulates the heart, brain and muscles.Even pacing around the office will help.

5. Drink plenty of water.

Drink enough water so you are not thirsty. If you have some ice cubes, even better.

How to fake sleep. Conclusion

Faking sleep seem to be easy, however most people fail to do so. They either keep their eyes closed too tight or forget to adopt a slow and even breathing rhythm. We hope these 5 basic tips on how to fake sleep will help you next time.

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