Have you been feeling low on energy, constantly tired, or just a little down? There are a few enthusiasts who might suggest cold water immersions, or cold water therapy. 

Cold water immersions: Top 8 benefits on men’s health

There is a growing number of health influencers, celebrities and athletes who are happy to confirm the benefits of cold water immersions. Therefore, today we will have a look at the top 8 benefits cold water therapy has on men’s health.

Cold Water SwimmerImproving insulin resistance

Type 2 Diabetes is a dysfunction of how your body responds to insulin, not a decreased production of it, as many people think. It is proved that cold water immersion improves the way your body responds to insulin, which is responsible for processing glucose. 

Managing inflammations

Please note that inflammations represent a necessary body function after an injury or workout in order to heal properly. Cold water immersion therapy can keep an inflammation tempered (at a reasonable level), so it does not increase. 

Boosting mental health

Researchers confirmed that cold water immersions stimulate the Vagus nerve which is the biggest factor in making you feel a sense of calm and well-being. 

Helping with sleep

There is evidence that cold water therapy can help you in getting quality sleep. It determines the parasympathetic nervous system to train your body to go into a relaxed state. 

Assisting with fat loss

Losing fat is a real challenge for many people. Repetitive ice baths activate the brown fat which helps in raising the metabolism.

Making you feel stronger: physically and mentally

Challenging yourself to sit in ice water for 15 minutes will make you feel empowered. This might determine you to be less hesitant regarding other matters in life as well. 

Boosting fertility and sperm count

All the benefits of cold water immersions in conjunction with healthy lifestyle habits will lead to a healthier physical and mental state. This will naturally increase the levels of circulating testosterone and human growth hormones. 

Cooling down when overheated 

Studies here are very clear: cold water immersion will lower your body temperature much faster than resting in a cool environment.

It is therefore proven that cold water immersions have great benefits. Before you start practising this type of therapy we recommend you to:

  • Talk to your doctor first 
  • Have an observer with you 
  • Warm up when you get out 
  • Keep immersions brief

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