Paris Hilton sent birthday greetings to her old friend and shared a memory from their time on The Simple Life with viewers.

In the Instagram post on September 22, Hilton wrote: „Happy Birthday @NicoleRichie! so many fun, unforgettable and hilarious memories growing up together.”

„Wishing you an amazing birthday and sending you lots of love on your special day!” She went on.

Hilton also shared a number of pictures of herself and Richie over the years, including one of them wearing overalls on a farm back when they were living the Simple Life.

She also posted video snippets from the act, with one of the two sumo wrestlers doing so while wrapped in pink bubble wrap and another of them repeatedly saying „that’s hot.”

By displaying pictures of the two when they were children and teens, Hilton further demonstrated the length of their connection.

The actress Rachel Zegler commented that fans appreciated the retro moments. D.J. Sam Blacky added his two cents by writing: „‘Do you have 25ยข?’ Forever iconic. Fav duo ever.”

Additionally, some viewers want to see the renowned reality program, which ran from 2003 to 2007, makes a reappearance. YouTuber Oli London expressed this desire as follows: „Bring back the Simple Life.”

The socialite doesn’t know when viewers will be able to witness her and Richie performing „sanasa,” though. „It’s a different time right now.” In 2019, Hilton discussed the notion of a Simple Life revival with Too Fab.

„I think that show is so, the first of its kind, so timeless, so iconic and so…I don’t know if it could ever be remade. Yes of course it was fun doing that and me playing that character, we had the best time with my best friend on road trips all around the world and doing jobs we would never do in our lives and had the best time doing it, but now I’m like a serious businesswoman.” She went on.

However, if the two were to return to reality TV, they would want to create a 2.0 version that showcased their intelligence and good looks.