Imagine sipping on your morning cup of coffee while your eyes gaze at the vast ocean that stretches below. What may sound like a dream is very much a ‘realty’ at 1300 Beverly Estate Drive.

A Dream House

Perched on the rolling Beverly Hills, the dream mansion offers a plush escape from the humdrum and routine of everyday life. The spacious house feature no less than 5 bedrooms, 9 baths, and 12,500 sq feet of pure luxury. Lorenzo Cascino, the designer, intended the space to reflect all the modern attributes while still retaining the cosy charm of a comfortable home.

Speaking of modern attributes, you will find no dearth of excitement and entertainment with a game room that houses a large multi-screen television and pool table. From the game room, you can hit the gym which is right next door. The fitness studio features Technogym equipment, a sauna, and a Calacatta porcelain-clad steam room.

A big home

Perhaps the highlight of the property is the 80-foot long infinity pool that extends towards scenic views of the sparkling city below and the calm horizon.  

1300 Beverly Estate Drive is a true marker that you have arrived in this world. The plush living space and the exclusive address bear testament.


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