We all start somewhere, and there’s nothing wrong with making a few mistakes or not being prepared for every occasion. This article is nothing more than a simple guide to all of the add-ons that may make or break your experience. Classifying it into three distinct groups: beginner, intermediate, and expert. Learn how to use cigar cutters and lighters like a pro.

We have tried many cigar cutters and lighters for more than a year. We have not spoken with any brands about this, nor is this a sponsored promotion and marketing campaign on their behalf. Here is what we think about all of the accessories, simply from our pure experience.

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Cigar Cutters

We tried to do a little test in one of our offices. We took a cigar and a lighter and presented them to a non-smoker employee. And we said: Try to smoke it and we’ll give you 100$, on the spot. Guess what? The money stayed with us.

So if someone on the street asks you to light a cigar for 100 bucks, and you have no idea how, how regretful will that be? (Also what are the chances for that to happen…slim to none, but still!)

One of the first things you should do is to cut the cigar before smoking it, of course. The most convenient method is to use a dedicated cigar cutter. It is strongly advised not to use a knife or scissors since they cannot create a clean and precise cut like a specifically developed cigar cutter, and hence the coating may begin to crumble, destroying the entire smoke.

A clean cut with a cigar cutter will guarantee that the smoke burns evenly and smoothly, and will surely make you feel like the protagonist in one of “The Godfather” movies.

Guillotine Cutter

The most prevalent cigar cutter is the guillotine one, often known as a straight cutter. It provides a clean, straight cut and is compact and secure enough to slip in a pocket. It is also available with twin blades for an even superior slice.

Guillotine cutters typically entail inserting the cigar through a hole and then cutting off the cap. Hence they are best suited for smaller or medium ring gauge cigars, as excessively huge cigars may not fit.


The V-cutter, which resembles a guillotine or straight cutter, cuts a little wedge or V-shape from the cigar tip rather than cutting through the entire cap. It is handy for thicker cigars because it doesn’t have to fit in a hole and enables a good draw without sacrificing too much tobacco.

Punch Cutters

Instead of slicing or cutting off the end of the cap, this cutter punches a small hole in the cigar’s edge to allow air to pass through. Although not as smooth as a guillotine or a V-cutter, some smokers like this form of slicer since it limits the quantity of tobacco that comes in direct contact with your tongue. 

aestethic picture for cigars cutters and lighters article

Photo by Thomas Despeyroux on Unsplash

Cigar Lighters

Cigar lighters are possibly the most vital element of a cigar smoker’s accessories kit; without them, it’s impossible to light a cigar properly. There are numerous methods for lighting your cigar. But, the great majority of smokers will agree that nothing surpasses a gas or liquid lighter. Disposable lighters are fantastic as a small, portable tool for when you’re on the road or need something smaller.

Jet Lighter

The jet lighter is one of the most popular lighters among cigar smokers. The lighter is an excellent method to effectively light your cigar and assure an equal burn every time with a rapid, simple, and intense flame. These lighters are generally windproof, making it easier to burn them outside.

Butane Lighter

When using a butane lighter, make sure the liquid fuel is filtered, refined, and odorless so that it does not impact the flavor of the cigarette.

We recommend the Xikar and Vector lighters and cutters for a premium experience if you’re seeking a new cigar cutter and lighter that can light your cigar evenly and effectively, even while you’re outside.

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