The number of Hispanics in the US is above 60 million, and they are expanding quickly. Between 2000 and 2018, the Hispanic population grew by 70%, compared to only 9% for non-Hispanics. This neighborhood is very varied and takes great pride in its customs and culture.

I feel particularly happy about seeing celebrities in the media who share my ethnic background, said 45% of Hispanics, more than the overall population’s 37%, according to Nielsen.

Utilizing user-generated content makes highlighting the local heritage simple. For instance, the Miami Dolphins posted a video on their social media platforms honoring their Hispanic supporters. The football team assembled photos of their supporters to create a little film.

In a similar vein, the Tennessee Titans also compiled a film featuring their supporters. The NFL’s overall Hispanic Heritage Month campaign included both the Titans and Dolphins videos.

Representation is important, and Hispanics are underrepresented in a number of different businesses. Spotlighting important producers in the brand’s respective field is a quick method to start change and draw attention to this gap.

Netflix did a great job of highlighting Hispanic leaders in 2020. They developed a website with content from a number of genres, such as „Award-Winning Films in Spanish,” „¡Fútbol!” with soccer documentaries, and „Food and Culture Across the Americas,” which featured reggaeton performers, the well-known television program Selena the Series, and more.

Other companies also made a point of showcasing creators in their respective fields. For instance, Twitch featured Hispanic content creators with unique main page feeds and panel content. Additionally, Billboard compiled a playlist in praise of Hispanic female musicians.

Employers highlighting their Hispanic staff members is a great additional way to celebrate this month. Enhanced social media participation and improved staff relationships are only two advantages of employee features. Higher recruiting and retention rates may be attained as a result of these initiatives.

This is perfectly illustrated by Microsoft. They honored their Hispanic staff members by tweeting a sincere message that directed viewers to a blog post that featured a handful of their members. WWE tweeted pictures of its Hispanic wrestlers as a tribute to the Hispanic culture, much as Microsoft did.