We all know and love famous actor and SNL comedian, Pete Davidson. But how does he get the best women? What is it about him that makes him so irresistible and wanted? Starting off with beautiful singer Ariana Grande and now unique model Kim Kardashian.

According to Valentina Tudose, a relationship counselor and licensed hypnotherapist, we may use Davidson to evaluate what traits people find most endearing. She claims that Pete Davidson has a terrific sense of humor, which is something that most people ignore but are drawn to.

Tudose believes that Davidson has the attitude of a guy who understands his place. As well as his self-deprecating humor that makes it seem like he is a hurt soul. Women tend to go towards men they can fix or help, making Pete Davidson attractive to them. The more vulnerable the more he seems like a “lost puppy” she claims.

Being seen with someone of greater status, or someone who is particularly desired is a significant component that dramatically increases a person’s “worth” on the dating market. He gained notoriety after Ariana Grande was photographed with him. After that, other ladies start to stare at him and wonder what it is about him that made her choose him over other male celebrities.

In the short term, dating a witty, self-aware man who isn’t scared to handle your purse is great, but Tudose advises there are certain things to watch out for if you want a long-term relationship with that person. Sometimes it is fun and games but when things get serious you tend to reflect on previous altercations and whether the person is serious enough or not.

This all comes to the final point that most women prefer a light-hearted and humorous guy. Seriousness must come only in certain scenarios. The most important part is to be yourself with the woman you want to pursue.