The David Harbour weight loss shocked Stranger Things fans all over the world. The actor spoke with sources about intermittent fasting, the advantages of exercise for mental health, and how running helped him develop a new relationship with his body.

Particularly for David Harbour, a lot has happened since the third season of Stranger Things debuted in the summer of 2019. The actor, who portrays the bulky father figure Jim Hopper on the Netflix phenomenon, shed nearly 70 pounds in front of his big screen debut in the most recent season. The David Harbour weight loss was a dramatic but surprising one.

There was more than simply a physical change. When the pandemic struck and production ceased, Harbour added lengthy runs to his fitness regimen, which he claims helped him manage his anxieties and keep the weight off.

He claims that he had a whole new relationship with his body and mind ever since the David Harbour weight loss. Harbour was interviewed by other outlets to discuss how he lost so much weight, his partnership with the hard-core running company Brooks, and how all this exercise has made him feel better.

Harbour said in the caption of an Instagram image published on Thursday afternoon that it took him eight months to „create the transition” and another year to maintain it throughout the pandemic.

In a moment with Joyce in the fourth season finale, Hopper is shown without a shirt. In addition to being significantly underweight, Hopper has numerous scars. Harbour shared a mirror selfie from the „shot day” of the finale episode on Instagram.



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According to his Instagram, the 47-year-old actor dropped from 270 pounds in season three to „190 when we shot,” a weight loss of nearly 75 pounds.

Harbour said last month that he required facial prosthetics to film Hopper’s flashback scenes because of his weight reduction. The actor advised the show’s co-creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, to film any flashbacks immediately after season three’s principal photography.