While Jackson, Mississippi’s current water shortfall may appear to have suddenly appeared, the city has really been grappling with the repercussions of aging water infrastructure for decades.

The federal Safe Drinking Water Act was broken by Jackson’s water system, the Environmental Protection Agency warned city officials months ago.

The floods that started to overflow the Pearl River last week are the immediate cause of the present water scarcity. Local water treatment facilities were largely shut down as a result of the flooding.

Last week, the National Guard was called in after many days without water, and queues for water at emergency distribution stations grew all throughout the capital city.

The organizations listed below are presently accepting donations to support Jackson residents’ safety and well-being during this crisis.

The Community Foundation for Mississippi’s Helping Friends and Neighbors Fund (Disaster Relief Fund)… This fund was established to support local relief efforts and respond to catastrophes in Mississippi.

This coalition is working to raise a minimum of $2 million to provide clean water to Mississippians; donate here. People’s Advocacy Institute, the Mississippi Poor People’s Campaign, Immigrant Alliance for Justice and Equity, and more than 30 other partner organizations are working together with this coalition.

To further its goal of giving food and clean water in Mississippi, one local organization is taking internet donations.

“We are engaging in an autonomous relief effort to ensure that the homeless, the elderly, and those with limited transportation in our community get the resources they need.” Highlights this Jackson-based mutual assistance organization.


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