The Final Destination series has to be one of the most recognizable horror sequels of the 2000s. There are currently five films in production, with a sixth in the works. Now we will discuss all about the Final Destination 5 movie.

Final Destination Series

Final Destination Series

The series’ premise is unique. Every film begins with a character, usually the main character, having a vision of a terrible accident that will kill many people.

In the first film, a plane crashes, followed by many other accidents. The main character and a few others get out of the situation in different ways, however they’re still in the woods. For the rest of the film, death pursues them, killing them in gruesome accidents. The remaining movies follow the same formula, with minor variations and shocking endings.

Final Destination 5

The latest Final Destination series, appropriately titled Final Destination 5, does everything the others do. It begins with a group of friends/colleagues driving to a company headquarters when one of them imagines a bridge collapsing, killing almost everyone. He persuades the majority of his teammates to jump off the bridge, and then, of course, it happens. The survivors then begin to die horribly.

It may come as a surprise that this film could have stood out despite being structured similarly to the other films in the series. Final Destination 5 is, on the other hand, a perfect summary of the series, not only because of its explosive ending, but also because of its excellent filmmaking.

Final Destination Storyline

Final Destination Series Storyline

Final Destination 5 is an excellent horror film that pays homage to its predecessors. There are subtle references to other episodes of the entire movie that anyone familiar with the series will notice. However, as a standalone film in a series, it stands on its own.

Fans watch these films to witness the deaths. They are always fully inventive, tense, and unexpected. They’re also quite frightening because they’re outlandish and rare. The film concludes with the main characters, two-thirds of the film’s only survivors, boarding a plane bound for Paris. They believe they have defeated death, cheated the system, and now have a new life. However, it has gradually become definite to the viewers that not everything has changed as it appeared.

As previously stated, the first actual Final Destination film begins with a foreboding vision of a violent aircraft crash. Fans of the series will realize what is going on in Final Destination 5 when they see a scene ripped straight from the beginning of the series.

Final Destination 6

Final thoughts

Final Destination 5’s plot twist is both impactful and shocking. The movie also provides a surprising conclusion to the series. It appears to be a complete story, very frightening, and with a satisfying conclusion. It even shows a compilation of some of the most famous deaths in the film industry.

Everybody considered that Final Destination 5 would be the last film of the series. Fans were both surprised and disappointed to learn that a sixth Final Destination film is confirmed for release this year.

It’s unfair to dismiss a movie before it’s finished, but with Final Destination 5‘s perfect ending, the sixth film feels like a money grab. Hopefully, it’s a fresh take on the premise that doesn’t devalue what the original five movies accomplished.

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