On a first date, there are a few things you should do to position yourself for success: tidy yourself a bit, show there promptly, engage in conversation with your date, and offer to pay. If you’re fortunate, you’ll receive a definite indication that everything went well, such as a goodnight kiss, a hookup on the first date, or a request to go out again.

On the second date, the ambiguity will frequently be clarified, but occasionally, if you’re lucky enough to go on to date three, you’ll still be looking for answers.

A third date can therefore be very significant. The saying “three strikes and you’re out” relates to much more than simply the boundaries of a baseball diamond; humans do have a sort of innate rule of threes.

Many individuals can put up with two mediocre dates, but three? That goes too far. The third date can be your final opportunity to save things if you’ve been seeing someone for two dates but aren’t sure if it’s serious or not. Here are some things you should know regarding third dates in light of that.

No matter how important you may believe the third date is, you shouldn’t attempt to make a huge deal out of it. After all, this individual has requested to visit you three times in total. Surely they aren’t just acting politely by doing this.

Rushing is never a good option. So, if you are truly in it for the long run the best thing is to impose on yourself the three-date rule. Never take it further until you reach the third date.

But third dates may go wrong. The third date might not even seem like a date to you if the first and/or second dates are so great. Instead, your time together won’t have the formal air of two people trying to outdo one other.

Give them a chance to prove themselves on the fourth date if the third date is a flop but the previous two were successful.


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