A new course at New York University (NYU) that begins the following month will allow students to study Lana Del Rey.

Topics in Recorded Music: Lana Del Rey, a new course at the University that will be taught by writer and author Kathy Iandoli, will focus on the Grammy-winning musician and run from October 20 to December 8 at the Clive Davis Institute.

According to the course description, which was provided by sources, „Over the course of eight critically acclaimed albums, the six-time Grammy nominee artist introduced a sad core, melancholic, and baroque version of dream pop that in turn helped shift and reinvent the sound (and mood) of mainstream music beyond the 2010s.

“Through her arresting visuals and her thematic attention to mental health and tales of toxic, damaged love, Del Rey provided a new platform for artists of all genders to create ‘anti-pop’ works of substance that could live in a mainstream once categorised as bubblegum.”

The Clive Davis Institute also introduced a brand-new course on Taylor Swift earlier this year.

The workshop occurred from January 26 to March 9 at the Davis Institute, a division of the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.

Swift’s development as a creative music entrepreneur, the heritage of pop and country songwriters, discourses of youth and girlhood, and the politics of race in current popular music were all topics covered in the course, which was instructed by Rolling Stone’s Brittany Spanos.

“This course proposes to deconstruct both the appeal and aversions to Taylor Swift through close readings of her music and public discourse as it relates to her own growth as an artist and a celebrity. Through readings, lectures, and more, the class delves into analyses of the culture and politics of teen girlhood in pop music, fandom, media studies, whiteness, and power as it relates to her image and the images of those who have both preceded and succeeded her. We’ll also consider topics like copyright and ownership, American nationalism, and the ongoing impact of social media on the pop music industry.” It is described.

According to her manager Ben Mawson, Lana Del Rey’s follow-up to last year’s „Blue Banisters” is „coming shortly.” Since the release of „Blue Banisters” in October 2021, the artist has only shared one new song, „Watercolor Eyes,” which was a soundtrack addition for the movie Euphoria.