Do you feel as though you are never able to achieve your dating goals? Are you afraid that your relationship prospects may be bleak?

It’s possible that you’ve merely had bad luck with love so far, but it might also be a hint that you need to break certain patterns. If the latter is the case, seeing such patterns might give you confidence in your ability to go on with your love life.

This distinction is crucial because, if you believe you are having poor luck, you will also believe you have no influence over the result. However, you have complete power over correcting the issue if you recognize that your routines, wounds, and beliefs are to blame.

That’s not to imply you should take responsibility for things like being duped, and it’s also not a justification for mistreating someone. Setting yourself up for a long-term healthy relationship requires becoming interested in if you have tendencies to break.

Even if circumstances will still have an impact on your dating life, you’ll at least be prepared with the knowledge and abilities needed to choose a secure, compatible partner and develop a satisfying, encouraging relationship.

If you were raised in an unstable setting, you might need to address unconscious relating habits with the help of a professional. According to some authors, even if it’s painful and not what you consciously want, the dysfunction you become accustomed to as a child might manifest in your reality as an adult.

You can continue those behaviors from disrespect to abandonment and neglect by treating others the way you were treated, or you might unconsciously find yourself drawn to individuals who treat you in ways that are similar to how you were treated at home.

Even if you are in a wonderful relationship, if all of your previous relationships ended poorly, or if many of your friends or family members’ partnerships ended poorly, you might secretly doubt that relationships can continue. This makes you give up on relationships or feel uneasy all the time.

The cognitive dissonance might get so unpleasant that you end up doing something to ruin the situation and go back to your old ways, such as believing that love hurts or that nothing ever works out for you.

Therefore, if this propensity for self-destructive behavior resonates with you, you might need to go deeper into a habit that is keeping you from finding and receiving the love you deserve.


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