In The Boys spinoff series, Patrick Schwarzenegger leaves for college in what he called “Euphoria meets superheroes.”

The Boys, the satirical superhero mayhem, will have its first live-action spinoff series on Amazon that will center on a superhero college. Given that The Boys doesn’t mind using some language and blood, one may assume that college will be fraught with peril. Particularly considering that every kid will be high and prepared to cause trouble.

The series, dubbed Gen V, will come after the hugely popular Season Three of The Boys, which focused on Soldier Boy, a vulgar Captain America parody character, and his connections to Homelander, the major antagonist of the season.

Gen V will be influenced by Marvel’s X-Men with its young group of heroes and include plotlines from Season Three’s stunning climax.

Gen V is set in America’s first college, especially for superheroes, which is run by Vought International, the multibillion-dollar superhero company headed by the Homelander.

The spinoff is described as follows in Amazon’s official synopsis: “an irreverent, R-rated series that explores the lives of hormonal, competitive Supes as they put their physical, sexual and moral boundaries to the test, competing for the best contracts in the best cities. It’s part college show, part Hunger Games—with all the heart, satire, and raunch of The Boys.”


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Emma Shaw will be played by Lizze Broadway (American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules) and Marie Moreau will be played by Jaz Sinclair (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) in the The Boys spinoff. Sean Patrick Thomas, Shelley Conn, Asa Germann, Derek Luh, Chance Perdomo, Maddi Phillips, Marco Pigossi, and London Thor will also appear in the series.

Patrick Schwarzenegger, son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, will appear in the collegiate comedy as Golden Boy, a superhero. As a “top prospect” with “thermonuclear power and sheer magnetism,” he has been praised. With what it’s worth, Schwarzenegger described the program as “Euphoria meets superheroes” in an interview for the Just for Variety podcast. Anyone would find that crossing interesting.


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