Aaron Schimberg’s psychological thriller, A Different Man, which will be financed and produced by A24, will star Sebastian Stan, Renate Reinsve, and Adam Pearson, all of whom are currently in talks to play leading roles in the film.

Edward is characterized as “an outcast who is seeking a new life and fresh start” in Deadline’s description of the protagonist of A Different Man. After undergoing facial reconstructive surgery, he becomes obsessed with a man who is playing him in a play that is based on his previous life.

The project will have Stan involved in some capacity as an executive producer. Christine Vachon, Gabriel Mayers, Vanessa McDonnell, and Jason Reif are among the film’s producers. A24 is also involved in the production of the movie.

Recently, Stan starred in the cannibalism thriller Fresh, which was broadcast on Hulu and co-starring Daisy Edgar Jones. He also had a role in the limited series Pam & Tommy, which was available on the streaming service. Other upcoming projects of his include the drama about an architect titled The Brutalist, which is being directed by Benjamin Caron, and Sharper. In recent times, Stan has been on something of a roll, picking up a roster of compelling projects in addition to his work with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Reinsve’s performance as the lead in Joachim Trier’s romance dramedy The Worst Person In The World, which was nominated for an Academy Award, caused quite a stir in the past year. Before appearing in The Worst Person in the World, she had roles in several films, shorts, and television series that were produced in Norway. An interesting fact is that she made her acting debut in Trier’s Oslo, on August 31st with the line “Let’s go to the party.” This was her first role. This will be the first feature film that the actor has worked on that is in the English language.

Pearson has collaborated with Schimberg in the past on his film Chained for Life, which tells the story of an actor who has trouble connecting with her disfigured co-star. Pearson played the role of the actor. Under the Skin, a film starring Scarlett Johansson, was where he made his first appearance in the film industry in 2013. Pearson has been featured in a number of documentaries as himself, in which he discusses the challenges of living with a disability and his personal journey with neurofibromatosis.