Oscar Winners 2014

Most of them inspire us by bringing impossibly real characters to life and making us forget they’re actually actors doing their job. But some of these big screen stars don’t just stop there and take their power to inspire even further, on stage, when accepting awards, such as one of the best their is – the Oscars. Here’s a list of the most inspiring Oscar acceptance speeches so far.

Starting off with two of the best speeches this year:

1. Matthew McConaghey gave what we think is the best acceptance speech we’ve ever seen at the Oscars. It has about everything a great speech can have – it’s fun, it touches you, it teaches you, it’s not too long and it ends in good style.

2. This speech is something to pass on to your kids. By Jared Leto

3. Steven Soderbergh – „this world would be unlivable without art”

4. This is a two part speech by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. Make sure you watch it to the end and not miss the best part.

5. George Clooney talking about the good Hollywood, and how proud he feels for being part of it.

6. Adrien Brody. Yeap, this Adrien, not only because he’s one of the lucky few that ever got to kiss Halle Berry, but he’s so humble yet so strong to make the producers cut that background music and allow him to continue. All in the name of peace.

7. This list couldn’t have missed Tom Hanks, and his acceptance speech when awarded for his performance in Philadelphia.

8. Natalie Portman, because even though she’s an amazing actress, you can really see how genuine her overwhelming emotions areĀ in this video.

9. Heath Ledger’s family, for having the strength to do the right thing and accept the award in Heath’s name. Touching speech!