Benito Skinner has just left the realm of Instagram sex bot comments when he logs onto Zoom.

“I just showed it to my boyfriend. He was like, ‘This is so strange.’ But he was giggling, so that’s good.” Skinner mentions his skit, in which he portrays the frequently lewd bot comments that are all over Instagram these days.


Sure enough, it goes viral among his followers when he shares it on Instagram a few days later. Such is the power of Skinner: The hairdresser Jenni who shares too much personal information while seeming like you’re best friends, or the „devil twink,” as he describes him, who is cruel to his boyfriend’s mother, are just a few of the stereotypes he has managed to recognize over the last five years.

As a true expert in social media, Skinner is now putting his imitation talents to use by acting. Skinner was set to make his acting debut in Billy Eichner’s upcoming film „Bros,” which was also part of the cast of the „Queer as Folk” revival, but sadly his sequences didn’t make the cut. Therefore, fans will have to wait until 2019 to watch him in Chelsea Peretti’s „First Time Female Director.”

“It’s definitely a theater troupe, and I get to have my theater kid moment that I definitely wanted as a kid, but I unfortunately played football instead to remain in the closet. It’s so ensemble-based and everyone is so amazing in it, and there’s this theater troupe. I think people are going to really love this movie. I mean, Chelsea’s a genius and it was an honor to play…I think you might get some of that same demon twink theater gay energy.” Regarding his role in Peretti’s film, Skinner comments.

In Idaho, where Skinner grew up, saying that you wanted to be an actor would have been „an unusual move,” He picked up on people’s mannerisms and a passion of performing from a young age.