“I’ll never forget the process of falling in love with imperfection” – Kendrick Lamar.

In a letter posted in the middle of his tour, Kendrick Lamar discusses the influence of rap music and how it enables people to face unpleasant facts and flaws.

The rapper, who is presently on tour in support of his fifth studio album, „Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers,” posted a long statement on his Instagram Stories in addition to sharing a ton of tour photographs.

He began the statement by stating that it took him 20 years to write „Mother I Sober,” a song from „Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers” in which he discusses sexual assault and familial tragedy. Eckhart Tolle’s voice may be heard addressing the „pain-body” theory after the title song „Mr. Morale” and before the next song, „Mother I Sober.”

Tolle’s theory looks at how emotional suffering from childhood persists in adults and only intensifies with time. By maturity, the „pain-body” returns sporadically to collect more suffering and frequently targets a spouse. When Lamar disentangles his own personal trauma throughout the record, he seems to be embracing Tolle’s theory.

“ill never forget the process of falling in love with imperfection. the piano. my fans. the stories of reconciliation i hear from pentitentiaries [sic] to small villages. Some words will find you today. Some will find you in 10. find your children type shit. sitting in the corner like an old book,” he continued. “im forever underground. infratrating [sic] the mainstream a la carte. these cities still beautiful to watch. on jojo. ily. –ok ok!” – Lamar continued.

Lamar’s statement comes after he recently spoke candidly about his goals for the future with a 12-year-old reporter.

Similar to this, he emphasized an influence to „inspire others and always [show] them that the duality of life is not such a negative thing” and „about appreciating the beauty of imperfection.” Lamar’s producer and collaborator Sounwave has disclosed that they are already hard at work on the rapper’s upcoming studio album.