Beats x Kim is a collaboration none of us saw coming.  From her company Skims to her recently launched ritual-based skin-care line Sknn by Kim, Kim Kardashian‘s characteristic minimalist style knows no boundaries. Kardashian has discovered a way to elegantly reduce daily essentials.

The partnership with Beats Fit Pro on a trio of wireless earbuds, each designed in Kardashian’s preferred nude color scheme. It will be released on Tuesday, August 16. This is Kardashian’s most modestly focused project to date.

Beats x Kim is intended to mix style and utility, like a wardrobe essential that blends in with anything you’re wearing.

“This concept was born from my love for neutral color palettes, but I also wanted to show that tech is as much a part of style as clothes. I believe that the things we wear every day should feel effortless, including headphones. “I’ve been a fan of the Beats brand forever, so I’m always up on their latest products. And because they know how important fitness is to me, I was one of the first people who got to try out Beats Fit Pro when they launched last year. They’re so comfortable that I’ll forget that I even have them in.” – Kim Kardashian told sources.

She started to consider how she might locate headphones that were comparable in style to her clothing, which consists of simple pieces like shirts and tanks that she wears with cycling shorts and leggings.

Always one to pursue her ambitions, Kardashian hired a painter to hand-paint a set of headphones, and the two of them came up with a sample set that would later become the Beats by Kim partnership.

Moon (light), Dune (medium), and Earth (deep) are the three neutral hues available for Kardashian’s revamped Beats Fit Pro (deep). The Fit Pros are made to smoothly move you from working out to a day at the workplace and everything in between, making them ideal for those like Kardashian who are constantly on the run.