Don’t be shy, her mother will love you. You’re a natural, and why not, her father will finally be at peace about what her precious little princess decided upon her future. You’re a great guy, and remember she put faith in you, just enough to let you meet her family, even if you are the bad guy, whom she usually would’ve fled with. Don’t worry, everything should be fine.

So, still feeling nervous ? Ok, here’s a little list of the things not to say at the dinner and more.

1. „You look way prettier than in the pictures.”

This kind of things can ruin the experience for everyone involved, but trust me, especially you. The consequences will be always be felt, as her mother still has her own way of dealing with guys „like you”. Trust me, you don’t want to be one of those guys.

2. „I can’t believe you were born and raised in such a place.

Yes, you talk about the bad weather and the lack of parking spots. But they talk about the home, the warmth, the atmosphere. Avoid looking like you’re trying to find excuses over the next three sentences.

3. „This is such a marvelous house, and dog, and TV, and carpet, and this, and that.”

Don’t suck up. The opposite applies too. Don’t try to make it look too perfect. It is disadvantageous, as it sets a dangerously high standard for you to match. If everything is perfect around, you don’t want to look like the fifth wheel.

4. „So you’re telling me you’ll look like your mother 30 years from now?”

She’s only telling you where you can find the door out easier. Don’t mistake a good joke for a malicious comment. Not that hard, I know right ?

5. „I wanted to finally do this, maybe she will give it a rest now.”

You are doing this because it’s nice, even if she nagged you for the last three months now. You didn’t have the time, remember ? Also, many consider this to be a further step ahead in a relationship. You think it’s old fashioned, but don’t let everybody know about that.

6. „The food was way better at that Mexican restaurant.”

Maybe you’re not doing this at her parents’ house, but a restaurant her father chose. In this case, bad remarks about it will not be tolerated. You might think it makes you look like a confident man, with experience and opinions, but in truth, you’re just a selfish brat. They enjoyed here the last 15 times they went to it, so how about you give it your best shot ?

7. „If the kids will look you, then it’s a big success.

No, no. Don’t put pressure. Firstly, not on your special one, secondly, not on your dinner. Remember this is just a first time thing. Discussions like this should be kept for the late, very late stage through your acceptance procedure as a family member. Also, a phrase like this can raise many concerns, my dear reader.