Every once in a while, it’s hard to find a spot to just relax and decompress. In my opinion, when you go out on vacation, it’s better to go bigger! So for your next vacation, you should seriously consider hitting this amazing resort named Las Ventanas al Paraíso. Designed by Guilherme Torres, it’s basically a manor built to be the most luxurious place on earth.

As you step through the halls of pure white into the main room, you understand where it gets its name. The name translates to „The Windows of Paradise”, which comes from the wall of windows. Between the White Marble laid tiles, the furniture covered by silk from India, and the wooden dragon, this place is just amazing. Both bedrooms lay flush with contributions from different artists from the area, and the Master Bathroom sits just below the amazing lap pool giving it a gorgeous light that shines through the bathroom below.

The final grand piece of gorgeous estate comes from the outside. The patio attaches to both the kitchen and master bedroom. It stands ready to serve with two 16.5 foot sofas, which is a perfect setting for the final surprise for guests. The last gift being a metal box that launches a fireworks display on the beach out front. If all that sounds appealing to you, you can find out more information here!

las-ventanas-tequila-room las-ventanas-dining-room las-ventanas-master-bedroom