The nervousness, the jitters, the feeling of unease, they all can make room in your mind when you make time in the evening available for a lady. It is somewhat normal and, although no exageration is accepted. A man is confindent, prepared and always ready to impress. But in order for that to happen, you need to make a good first impression, on the first date. A couple of words incorrectly phrased can ruin your work, so keeping things simple is always the easiest way. Pay attention to this, as you might understand why that girl back then, when you were 16, stopped returning your calls after that night at some fancy pizza place.

1. “So, how did you manage to stay single for so long ?”

Look, there’s nothing worse than looking like a saviour, like her desperate final solution. It is bad etiquette, and even more. It is not a compliment also, no matter which word you accentuate, it’s just a quick way to look like a jerk.

2. “You remind me of my mother.”

No, she does not. She does not resemble any of your siblings, family members or even female friends either. She is original, and all wanting for you to underline this. Keep things simple, remember ?

3. “That is what you’re wearing?”

My friend, never let your mouth slip these ones out. It is extremly counterproductive, as you will have to work some 10-minute explanation of how you meant it the good way. I know you did, I do not question your fine taste in women, but don’t force her questioning her own choice of men.

4. “So, my place or yours ?”

No, not, A+ definetly not. Maybe you already know about this one, but a reminder is always welcomed. Don’t be pushy, maybe she’s just not into this kind of stuff. Let things flow, good things might come to those who wait.

5. “Don’t worry, nobody will notice it when you’re that hot.”

Don’t be smarty, nobody likes it, not even your dog.I know you meant her being silly or foolish, but being sarcastic on the first date should be, with certain exceptions, off limits.

6. “I am sure I make more money than your ex.”

So ? Keep that information to yourself and your grandchildren. They might be interseted in knowing how their grandmother ended up with you. Oh, you’re right, not even they are.

7. “Can we split the check ?”

Not only that you cannot, but don’t ask her. Look, I know you believe in this modern woman philosophy, but it is not only a date, it is the first one. It’s here where you don’t want to look cheap. Also, talking like this can make you look unsure of yourself. Don’t even consider letting her do that when she asks, most of the times she asks because of the same reason, not wanting to look cheap. The polite way is not debatable.


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