Epstein’s Island is also known as the “the Orgy Island” or “the Sin Island”.

People all over the world went to Epstein’s Island. Celebrities, scientists, and members of royal families boarded private planes and then helicopters to the island. Its owner himself liked to call the island as “Little St. Jeff”, while locals were calling it “Pedophile Island”.

Jeffrey Epstein's Island
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Before Epstein’s Island Ownership

Little St. James is a 72-hectare secret island off the coast of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, primarily used for private property. It was owned previously by venture capitalist Arch Cummin before Jeffrey Epstein’s purchase.

There have also been some unintentional visits to the island. According to some reports, Stephen Hawking brought a team of physicists to Little St. James to study the island’s unique quantum phenomena.

Jeffrey Epstein’s purchase of Little St. James

Jeffrey Epstein purchased Little St. James as a private residence in 1998. He bought it as a private company, LSJ LLC, in which he was the sole shareholder. He paid $7.5 million for it, though some sources say it was worth $10 million. Because of Epstein’s renovations, the island is now worth more than $60 million.

St James Island
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The Island of Hell

People in his circle referred to Little St. James as “Sin Island.” Even though they didn’t know the underage girls get smuggled onto the Epstein’s Island, the owner made them a hit at wild parties. He flew Victoria’s Secret models to a party one weekend.

“Orgy Island” and “Pedophile Island” were two of the island’s nicknames. Jeffrey Epstein referred to Little St. James as “Little St. Jeff” because he wielded enormous power and anonymity. For the trafficked girls in Little St. James, it was a nightmare. One attempted to flee by swimming to Great St James but was apprehended and threatened not to try again.

What was going on 

Employees at St. Thomas International Airport mentioned that Jeffrey Epstein was transporting minors to Little St. James. Locals claimed to have seen him with girls as young as sixteen. They also mentioned that Jeffrey Epstein tipped generously, which determine many people to stay silent. 

Source: bloomberg.com

Little St. James, Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, was a hotspot for Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. Epstein believed he could get away with it in a secluded location, away from the prying eyes of law enforcement.

How did Jeffrey Epstein end up purchasing Little St. James? He had the money and connections to buy his private island as an investor with extensive stock market experience, a private equity firm, and countless links to the rich and famous. While most celebrities use secret islands to avoid the press, Jeffrey Epstein used Little St. James as a front for sex trafficking. It is his account of what happened on the island as the owner of Little St. James.

Sale of Epstein’s Island

Todd Michael Glaser, a Florida real estate developer, purchased his Palm Beach home for $18.5 million in March 2021 and immediately began demolishing it.

In March 2021, Epstein’s Island Upper East Side Manhattan mansion was also sold for $51 million. His other properties in New Mexico and Paris are currently for sale too. 

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