After her conservatorship ended, Britney Spears refused to be compensated for a candid interview. She is the only one recounting the tale. Britney Spears Voicemail that is 22 minutes long was posted and deleted by her.

The pop singer, who recently canceled her Instagram account and switched to updating followers on Twitter, posted a link to a 22-minute uncut oral narrative of her experience being placed under a conservatorship by her family.

“How the f**k did they get away with it?”  is a question Spears still has now.

In February 2008, Spears and her father, Jamie Spears, went into a conservatorship that gave him 13 years of authority over his daughter’s life and business. In November 2021, a judge from the Los Angeles Superior Court formally ended the agreement.

“I’ve had tons of opportunities — Oprah, interviews — to go on a platform and share the hardships and just really anything that’s going on in my mind. I really don’t think any of that is relevant, getting paid to tell your story. I feel like it’s kind of silly.”

The audio tape, which Spears opens by explaining, was posted on YouTube Sunday night (August 28) but has since been made private. Her initial tweet has also since been removed.

“I haven’t honestly shared this openly too, as well, because I’ve always been scared of the judgment and definitely the embarrassment of the whole thing, period, and the skepticism and the cynical people and their opinions of what people would actually think. I am in a place now where I’m a little bit more confident that I can be willing to share openly my thoughts and what I’ve been through.” Britney stated.

Spears started her narrative at the beginning of the conservatorship in the Britney Spears Voicemail. She just released the Elton John duet “Hold Me Closer” as her first new song since her 2016 studio album, Glory.


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