Yanko Designs has always come up with some crazy concepts. As a result of the dangers posed, the design for Cliffside Hotels just can’t be a thing in the world right now. However, Yanko still took a crack a developing an idea for one. This unique idea would be a heck of a place to stay on vacation, that’s for sure.

It’s built in such a way so that you need to be taken there via helicopter. Which is luxurious to say the least.  However, the overall design of the hotel is amazing enough. Using Jagged glass and an architecture that blends in with the surrounding area, the hotel almost matches the landscape. Andrii Rozhko, the designer of the hotel did quite an amazing job. After all, one look at this thing and you’ll beg to stay there someday. One can only hope that Cliffside hotels eventual come to fruition! Thanks Yanko, as always.