The act of flirting is challenging. When done properly, it can be a ton of fun for everyone involved. But when done incorrectly, it may even be scary, annoying, irritating, and disappointing. It’s the same when using multiple taps and DM slides to flirt on Instagram.

You may be brightening someone’s day by leaving comments on their images, compulsively liking old pics, or replying to a story. These actions are crucial for setting the stage for a date, a hookup, or a relationship. It depends on also picking up their signs if they are into it or not, avoid looking like a creep.

Unless you say or do anything that prompts the other person to press the block button and never hears from you again. But how can you master the subtleties of flirting on Instagram? How do you make your argument without being overly aggressive right away? Read on and learn from this Instagram Dating Guide.

Particularly on Instagram, individuals enjoy flirting because it seems secure. It gives you the confidence to approach your crush because you aren’t in person and are separated from their immediate response.

Men are often expected to initiate rather than seek out relationships. Because of this, it might be difficult to tell if someone is genuinely flirting with you on Instagram; instead, you could assume that they are just being pleasant.

Even though this is called the Instagram Dating Guide you shouldn’t approach Instagram like a dating app since it isn’t one. Like in real life, the same manners should be followed. In order to flirt with someone in person, you must approach them and build a connection.

Be cautious and courteous when approaching someone you don’t know before engaging in anything obviously amorous or sexual. Otherwise, it simply seems sinister.

Based on someone’s Instagram profile and whole online demeanor, it could be simple to fall in love with them. You’re not getting the full picture since most individuals just publish things that they believe will make them appear handsome and cool. However, just because you start to become fixated on someone on Instagram doesn’t mean you should start acting irrationally about it.

It could be alluring to pretend to be someone cooler than you actually are on Instagram because of its relative anonymity, but like with any element of dating, pretending to be someone you’re not will only hurt your chances of finding love in the future.

Because of this, you should approach Instagram flirting honestly, and only comment on things that you genuinely find intriguing.

The best advice for flirting on Instagram could be to hold off on becoming too sexual too soon. You could equate flirting with attraction and attraction with sex, but assuming that the person you’re interested in wants to have sex with you before getting to know you is a massive mistake.

This Instagram Dating Guide tells you to keep your cool , be yourself, avoid being creepy, and pick up the signals!