Love triangles happen more often than you think. True love, romantic love, and passionate love all conjure images of two individuals who mean the world to one another, thereby excluding the chance of anybody else entering the scene.

And it’s simple to dismiss a single individual who claims to be „in love” with two distinct persons they aren’t dating as having two unique crushes with comparable intensity.

Many people believe that being in love means you can only feel that way for one person at a time, and that rule prevents you from being in love with two people at the same time.

But what if you are monogamous yet still have feelings for two people?

It’s crucial to attempt to clarify what „being in love” means in the beginning before discussing whether it’s feasible to be in love with two people at once.

It’s difficult to picture a civilization without a language for love or a person who has never said, „I love,” in reference to anything, no matter how ephemeral, insignificant, or weird the sensation may be. In that sense, to simply love numerous people at once is not only conceivable but also simple.

Love and Lust are very different concepts. Being attracted to someone is just natural, having an appealing appearance and charming attitude can make you very desirable. But does that mean you are in love?

In order to be in love, you must not only know the person well but also have the sensation of love such as beyond looks. Distinguish the feeling you get from both parties before stating you are in love. Doing so can break apart the love triangle you have formed in the realization that love and lust are two different feelings.

Most importantly be honest to both people , who knows maybe they are interested in a relationship beyond monogamy if you are exploring that as well.