Nolan Neal, a singer who competed on The Voice and America’s Got Talent in the past, has passed away. He was 41. The precise cause of Neal’s passing is still unknown. Sources said that Neal “ultimately succumbed to his fight with substance usage,” according to Dylan Seals, Neal’s cousin.

The local medical examiner’s office informed TMZ on Monday that the musician from Nashville had passed away. The TV personality was discovered deceased in his residence, Seals added in a statement to the media outlet.

The late musician’s cousin described him as “one of the most gifted individuals” he has ever encountered while working in the entertainment industry; however, the Medical Examiner’s Office in Nashville has not yet responded to requests for comment from sources.

“It was clear to all of us from an early age that he was a natural-born performer. He completely astounded us all with his extraordinarily potent vocal performance and lyrics “Seals, an audio engineer, stated in a statement that sources were given access to. “It was motivating to work in the studio with him.

He was renowned for his lightning-quick ability to compose, arrange, and record the fundamental elements of a tune. He had nothing but creative energy. He gave the music everything he had. He sang with all of his spirits. After some thought this morning, I realized that it was probably his anguished soul-wailing. To him, music was either life or death. It was all of it.”

He went on, “At my request, he sang James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain” at my father’s burial three years ago this month. It had great significance for both my father, who was Nolan’s biggest admirer and myself. I’ve been thinking about that song all morning.”

Neal previously talked openly about his battles with drug misuse.

Even though he continued to use alcohol while competing on the show, Neal acknowledged that he had “lost my way on The Voice.” However, he ultimately found a method that enabled him to stay clean and worked for him.


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