The number of female gamblers has risen dramatically over the past few years, with many of them choosing to use the internet to gamble online. Research has found that a whopping 48.38% of online gamblers are women, which is a stark contrast to just five years ago when the industry was dominated by male players.

Traditionally, gaming websites have aimed their games at men rather than women via their cleverly put together marketing campaigns, which has always meant there was a gap in the market for women gamblers. However, a noticeable rise in mobile gaming platforms has seen more and more companies begin to focus their advertising tactics at women, who are far more likely to play on a mobile device than they are to sit at home and play.

The rise of popularity in smartphones and tablets has added to the increase in women gamers, which stands at a massive 32% rise in the last 12 months alone. With around 44% of games being played via mobile devices and approximately 30% of games that are played feature a social aspect of gaming, it goes to show that women gamers enjoy playing games while on the go – especially games that involve a sense of social interaction.

Some gaming companies have recognised the potential of aiming their games at stay at home mums or housewives and this has also helped to boost the amount of female gamers. The female gaming sector is gaining speed and popularity, and many websites, such as Ladbrokes, are now creating mobile versions of their games as well as specialist apps, helping women to enjoy their gaming experiences via their preferred channel – their mobile device.

Figures show that Bingo is hugely popular with women gamers with providers boasting an 80% female membership. Another study showed that women are far more likely to show loyalty to a website that they enjoy using as they are 42% more loyal than male gamers. These figures are attractive to online gaming companies and goes to show why so many are turning their marketing attentions to luring in women players.

If trends continue along the same lines in the future, the female gaming market could soon overtake their male counterparts for the first time. It certainly means that gaming companies are rapidly changing their focus and are busy creating a whole host of new gaming options that everyone is free to enjoy.


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